In 2011 we founded PritchardPeck on a belief that it was possible to have it all: thoughtful, unique, quality design aligned with the values and goals of our clients, our designers, and our families. We knew it was possible to create beautiful, technologically advanced design while enjoying the process of collaboration, supporting our industry, and mentoring our designers to grow and feel fulfilled in their professional careers. By providing this balance to win both at work and at home, we are creating lasting life-long partnerships along the way.


This unique PritchardPeck chemistry brings a freshness to our work and a consistent high level of service for our clients. We believe in clear communication, the beauty of simplicity, and follow-through on all the details.


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Biograph Pilot Health is an elegantly curated membership-based preventative healthcare studio. The company’s goal is to create a space prototype for members that feels crafted, organic, and private without being clinical, flashy, or spa-like. In support of this aim, a subdued set of layered lighting is featured in a small set of details that harmonize with the architecture to yield a calming experience for clients.


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We boast a tightly knit team, each with their own design superpowers. Learn how we build on each other’s talents to elevate our design process.

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