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Eight, Inc.


San Mateo, CA

Lighting Designer

PritchardPeck Lighting


Adam Rouse Photography

Biograph Pilot Health is an elegantly curated membership-based preventative healthcare studio. The company’s goal is to create a space prototype for members that feels crafted, organic, and private without being clinical, flashy, or spa-like. In support of this aim, a subdued set of layered lighting is featured in a small set of details that harmonize with the architecture to yield a calming experience for clients.


The clinic’s transformative entryway is lined with vertical wood slats, behind which a linear up-light is detailed. Upward glow silhouettes the wood slats and provides all required functional lighting at the walkway. In the main space, monolithic stone walls are grazed from below via linear fixtures in a custom bent metal detail at the edge of the reflecting pool, with wiring and hardware neatly concealed. Treatment pods exhibit integrated shelf details and residential-like decorative fixtures, supporting relaxation for clients. In scanning rooms, an indirect RGBW ceiling cove creates calming ambient light and allows providers to curate light quality for client mood.


Lighting operated on a tight budget, leaning on a selection of an appropriate wireless controls system. Simplified control stations were selected for varied use cases, and for individualization via member-controlled lighting. The project achieves an energy density 11% lower than Title 24 by leveraging an exemption for timeclock-operated plant grow lights. High end dimming is set in each space to achieve an additional energy reduction of 20 to 30% while remaining appropriately bright. Energy surpluses allowed the designer to add bonus lighting featuring plants visible to passersby.


Biograph’s beautifully detailed lighting exists holistically within its refined spaces, yielding artful moments of pure yet functional light. This meaningful symbiosis of simplicity in light and architecture supports the company in providing a curated and calming private healthcare experience.


Mira / 160 Folsom