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Hotel San Luis Obispo

Architect + Interior



San Luis Obispo, CA

Lighting Designer

PritchardPeck Lighting


Tanveer Badal & Ryan Gobuty

Finishing on the cusp of covid, this new boutique hotel in San Louis Obispo, California was unknowingly premediated to embody what we seek during the pandemic: authenticity, ingenuity, outdoor connection, and a hyper-focus on the environment.  This central-coast oasis seamlessly blends the relaxed essence of its bohemian location with an underlay of sophisticated technologies.


The team was challenged to create a new-construction 78-room hotel that aligned with small-town’s values.  The open-format design welcomes locals while immersing guests in a true SLO experience. The lighting respectfully situates itself within the surroundings using dark-sky techniques and well-commissioned timeclock settings on a preset control system to reduce lumens after-hours.  The lighting package specified both met strict budget VE goals of only $12/SF for lighting equipment and performance requirements of Title 24 and CALGreen without sacrifice to experience.


Lighting is choreographed beginning at arrivals. A prominent corten sign punctured by native plantings uses high CRI linear in-grades to bring out the warmth of the metal while featuring the greenery. Lighting only illuminates the sign without stray light and maintains a bird-friendly atmosphere in this small coastal town.


Up-lit corridor ceilings internally backlight the façade’s texture while keeping energy, light trespass, and cost low.  Much attention was given to pour-in-place, concrete shielded, LED details in the public egress paths to outdoor dining.


The volume of the lobby opens up into a wooden ceiling mimicking the peaks of nearby mountains.  A crisscross of track pockets strategically placed highlight both seating and artwork with proper offsets for aiming and current limiters for energy.  Locally made leather-strap pendants and LED floor lamps bring an intimate glow to social pods.  Shelves were purposefully illuminated at the restaurant bar and not at the coffee bar to provide a change in mood from day to night in this singular open space.